Water softeners

Hard water is a common water problem that contains dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds, as well as other elements such as iron. Problems with hard water are typical of most homes, but cause damage, inconvenience and additional expenses. Particularly, in the Balearic Islands, the waters are known to be very hard, which means that it is even more important to take preventive measures.

Homeowners do not realize the true cost of having hard water, or do not recognize it as the cause of many everyday problems. Hard water is often the cause of dry skin and hair after bathing and prevents soap from lathering on your skin. Dissolved minerals are also the main responsible for the accumulation of lime in pipes and water heaters, causing numerous problems when washing clothes, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Stains on glass and cutlery, colorless clothing, discoloration in the bathtub and sink, and shorter life of water-using appliances are signs that hard water is affecting your daily life.

We at DEIAX-AQUOS® help you not only to measure the hardness of your water, but also advise you so that you can obtain the most effective and efficient solution. In addition, our range of products fulfills our mission, which is to offer the safest, most ecological and highest performance products in the market.

Our products are:

Hague 900 series
  • Gran capacidad para comunidades o empresas.
  • Diseño ergonómico y elegante.
  • Calidad, tecnología y diseño hecho en USA.
  • 10 años de garantía y 3 años accesorios.
  • Más de 6.500 litros sin regeneración (15 dH)
  • Compacto: 370 x 470 x 770 mm y 48 kg.


Hague 700 series
  • Ergonomic and minimalist design.
  • Designed for families of 4 to 6 people.
  • Quality, technology and design made in the USA.
  • 2,100 liters without regeneration (25 dH)
  • No need to change cartridges.
  • Compact: 370 x 470 x 650 mm and 39 kg.



Hague 410 series
  • The most compact with the largest capacity in the market.
  • Ideal for small homes and offices.
  • Quality, technology and design made in the USA.
  • 1,500 liters without regeneration (25 dH).
  • No need to change cartridges.
  • Compact: 292 x 470 x 546mm and 25 kg



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