Our water purification solution is system with less water rejection in the market, more compact, highest capacity, highest flow and a very low maintenance. For water dispensing solutions for restaurtants, hotels or others, our water is being produced at the moment for you. SuperiorOsmosisTM is a Swedish technology of water purification that eliminates substances that affect its smell, taste and your health. Our bottles are free of bacteria, are washable, reusable, and sustainable. Our solution eliminates the single-use plastics, eliminates emissions and promotes responsible water consumption. Purified water, which complies with the R.D 140/2003 and the international water quality association and the NSF.

  • Eliminate single-use plastic bottles that often end up at sea or on our coast.

  • Eliminates the emissions derived from the transport of bottled water.

  • The water is fresh and purified instantly. Of much better quality than any bottled water.

  • Bacteria or pathogens do not grow because the water is not stagnant as when it is bottled or stored in tanks.

  • Comfort and well-being The water is purified at its point of consumption.

  • Not stored, It is not necessary to store the water or have stock that takes up space.

  • Convenient, there is no need to buy it. He manufactures it in his office and has unlimited water.

  • Enhance your brand. For professionals, you have the possibility to sell water in glass bottles with your own logo.

  • Consumption of responsible water. It reduces water consumption by up to 270% compared to technologies such as reverse osmosis.

  • Significant savings, reduce your water bill more than 200% compared to solutions such as reverse osmosis.

  • Amortization of your investment; in 2 years it recovers its investment (study case by case).

  • Large capacity and flow with Swedish patented SuperiorOsmosisTM technology that allows you to connect to your purifier:

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