The value of sustainability:

At DEIAX-AQUOS® we are committed to improve the quality of life, subject to sustainable development in order to guarantee the well-being of our future generations.

  • We eliminate the use of single-use plastic (see vídeo),
  • We eliminate emissions because it is not necessary to transport the water and
  • We consume water in responsable manner due to the low rejection technologies (see vídeo).

Culture and our team:

We understand the importance of consuming safe, sustainable water with the maximum benefits to guarantee your quality of life, well-being and satisfaction. Our team has acquired more than 20 years of experience in leading multinational companies in its sector. Thanks to the experiences we have acquired, we understand the importance of guaranteeing the security of the solutions and products that we commercialize, developing sustainable solutions, the total integrity of our practices, being customer oriented and a solution provider, creating tangible value, be technological leaders and have a tireless work capacity that helps us to be better every day. Our work culture together with our professional team is helping us to achieve our commitment.

Our DEIAX-AQUOS® system:

  • Our process:  from an analysis of your water, to a instalation and start-up of your equipment including a preventive maintenance service.
  • Our patented technologies: which, generate significant cost savings, much less water consumption and very compact solutions.
  • The result of fresh water, made instantly, fresh, not stagnant in a tank and the most sustainable solution in the market.


Our methodology is based not only on our commitment, but also on implemented systems to measure and follow up on objective quality and satisfaction data. Our clients trust us because we fulfill their expectations and we ensure their satisfaction. For example, we comply with our budgets, we respond to your e-mails and calls in 24 hours, we are punctual, we comply with installation deadlines and we guarantee a service 365 days a year and we comply with the most prestigious standard such as the Water Quality Assossiation. To be able to fulfill this premise, we rely on our methodology.

Products and solutions:

We work only with the best suppliers and products in the market. Our suppliers help us with technical training, advice and guarantees. The products we work with are selected through a rigorous process from a point of view of quality, performance, design and sustainability. We work with the best products in the market and with manufacturers mainly from leading countries in innovation, quality and reputation. Our suppliers control the quality of their manufactured products because they do not subcontract to companies to manufacture for them.

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