About Deiax Aquos

DEIAX-AQUOS® is a family company member of the DEIAX® group, founded in 2012, specializing in water purification and treatment, based in Portals Nous, Calvià, Mallorca.

DEIAX-AQUOS® is born from the need to provide purified, safe and high quality drinking water, reduce the number of bottles in our seas and contribute to a more sustainable planet with the reduction of emissions and responsible water consumption. Over time, this need became our motivation and prompted us to seek technological solutions, which led to the birth of DEIAX-AQUOS® in 2018.

At DEIAX-AQUOS®, we have the certainty that a family or company that is aware of water consumption, with the right advice, will enjoy a better quality of life and will experience environmental and economic benefits.

At DEIAX-AQUOS® we believe that the key ingredients to fulfill our mission are based on our industrial experience acquired over 20 years, our personnel and strategic suppliers, our state-of-the-art patented technologies, tireless work capacity, as well as the philosophy to aspire to the best without compromising the integrity and our ecosystem.

Our mission:

“Provide the safest, most sustainable and technological water purification and treatment solutions in the Balearic Islands."

All our water treatment and purification systems are developed with the utmost respect for the environment.

  • Our solutions eliminate the use of single-use plastic (see vídeo).
  • Eliminate emissions because it is not necessary to transport water.
  • They reduce water consumption by up to 280% compared to traditional decalcification and reverse osmosis technologies.

Our Visión:

Become the safest, sustainable, innovative and respected company in the sector of purification and water treatment in the Balearic Islands.


Safety   |   Integrity   |   Sustainability   |   Innovation  |   Create value   |   Client

Our culture: 

In DEIAX-AQUOS® we are characterized by 6 distinguished behaviors:

Discipline    |   Passion for what we do    |   Credibiliity    |   Speed    |   No surprises    |   Exceed expectations

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